The Commitments of 100% maman


100% pregnancy

At Téane, we are fully aware of the safety requirements regarding pregnant women. All of our products are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and dermatologically tested for completely safe use by pregnant and breastfeeding women.


100% natural

At Téane, we search the four corners of the globe for the very best active ingredients nature can give us. All of our products comply with the Cosmebio Charter and are Ecocert certified: they are guaranteed free from paraben, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils and colours.


100% innovative

At Téane, we only incorporate natural active ingredients whose efficacy has been well and truly proven by scientific tests, and we patent our discoveries. 

Scientific guarantees


100% responsible

At Téane, we are aware of our responsibility towards the planet. Our packaging is eco-designed: recyclable components, lighter packaging and no paper instructions. Our ingredients come from plantations that respect the soil and the health of those who cultivate them.


100% committed

At Téane, we take part in population support and development programmes where our plantations are situated. The main beneficiaries of our actions are women and children.

The gardens of Téane

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