What causes stretch marks?

Exactly what causes stretch marks has long remained a mystery and given rise to all sorts of mistaken ideas – including among the most serious scientific circles.

Such hypotheses have often led to the development of utterly unsuitable cosmetics that were therefore completely ineffective, as they didn’t target what really causes stretch marks.

But recent studies have shed light on hitherto unknown factors that enable the potential risks of stretch marks to be identified, thus offering women genuine solutions to this frustrating and demoralising phenomenon.

Laboratoires Téane have developed their patented formulas from the 100% maman range on the basis of these brand new discoveries.

To find out more: zoom on the known scientific facts to date

Risk factors (article in French):

The trigger mechanisms: new discoveries (articles in French)

Plus d'une femme sur 2 développe des vergetures et l'on connaît aujourd'hui les principaux facteurs qui...
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La vergeture n'est pas simplement une rupture de la peau due à un étirement excessif.

La vergeture est en fait la conséquence d'un dérèglement du système cellulaire de la peau.


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