Prevention and skin Repair

Stretch Marks

Prevention Program

Keeping your skin moisturized during pregnancy is indeed important but unfortunately not enough to prevent the risk of stetch marks. Although dry skin is more prone to strech marks because it is less elastic, the underlying mechanism that leads to the formation of strech marks is complex and related to the extracellular matrix. We therefore recommend using a specific cream the acts on skin cells and keeps your skin smooth and soft. 

Because hormonal changes influence skin quality - a main cause for stretch marks occurence - we recommend using a specific cream during early pregnancy even if there is no obvious stretching signs or major weight gain. After all, it's never too early to start acting ! 

1st trimester : 1st Care Cream to be used morning and evening. 
2nd trimester : 1st Care Cream in the morning then Luxirious Soothing Oil in small circular massage motions in the evening. 
3nd trimester : 1st Care Cream mixed with the Luxirious Soothing Oil in the morning and the evening. 
Continue to use the 1st Care Cream during a few weeks after giving birth as there are still strong hormonal variations. 

Apply these treatments to all areas prone to stretch marks: stomach, hip, lower back, chest and buttocks. 

Firmness and Tonicity

After giving birth, we advise you to use Refreshing Milk Firming : a real skin care product to recover beautiful skin after the arrival of baby. Its promise: firmness and tone ! Apply the Refreshing Firming Milk all over the body. 

Stretch mark treatment

To treat and diminish the appearance of recent or red stretch marks, we offer a shock treatment: SOS Stretch Marks Balm.

SOS Stretch Marks Balm on localized areas in the morning and evening. Continue the treatment for 2 mounts.