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Cassia Alata


Originating from American Tropics, but widespread in the hot regions of Africa, especially on the island of Madagascar, this shrub is also called Casse Ailée or Dartrier. Its golden-yellow flowers form small spikes that are very characteristic but it is mainly its leaves that are used, and Malagasy women use it when they are pregnant to fight against stretch marks. They rub the skin of the belly with fresh leaves.
Laboratoires Téane has registered an exclusive patent based on the active ingredients extracted from Cassia Alata, which act on:
1.   In the prevention of the stretch marks: Prevents the cellular modifications, invisible phenomena and however precursor of the appearance of the stretch marks.
2.   To preserve the balance and the cohesion of the structure of the skin.
3.   On the healing of stretch marks thanks to the addition of Centella Asiatica extract for synergistic action.
The patented formula is integrated into the 1st care stretch mark cream and the SOS Stretch Mark Balm of the 100% mum care range.



This plant, native to Asia and Oceania, can be recognized by its pretty little pink and green flowers and is also known as "Tiger grass" because injured wild animals roll in it to soothe their wounds. It has many properties and has been used for centuries in India and China.
Several scientific studies demonstrate its multiple virtues: cell regeneration, tissue repair, action on micro-circulation. This exceptional plant has an important action on collagen synthesis and tissue repair.
This active ingredient is present in the SOS Stretch Mark Balm.



This marine extract from the brown seaweed Alaria Esculenta has several beneficial properties for the skin.
The seaweed is rich in alginic acid, alginates, essential amino acids - proteins, minerals (Ca, Mg, P...) and trace elements (Fe...), vitamins (A, B2, B6, B12...), Iodine.
This active ingredient is present in the Luxurious Soothing Oil.



This plant originates from the Arabian Peninsula and Eastern Africa and has been used since antiquity. It stimulates the production of collagen, participates in the healing of burns, regenerating action, anti-aging.
This active ingredient is present in the SOS Stretch Mark Balm.



Argan oil is derived from a tree that is native to Morocco: the argan tree. The oil is obtained from the kernel of its fruit and has been a resounding success for about fifteen years for cosmetic and food uses. Rich in vitamin E and unsaponifiable matter, Argan oil is known for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties on the skin. It is full of essential fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6), antioxidants recommended to prevent premature dehydration of the skin.
This active ingredient is present in: the SOS Stretch Mark Balm and theLuxurious Soothing Oil, 1st care stretch mark cream.



Rich in bold acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, and endowed with an exceptional content of vitamin E, the avocado oil is an excellent regenerator of the epidermis and one finds it in the composition of many anti-wrinkle products. It is very pleasant to use and that is particularly suitable for areas where the skin is thinner and more fragile, such as around the eyes or the neckline.
This active ingredient is present in the SOS Stretch Mark Balm.



A Tree native to Africa and Madagascar, the baobab is distinguished by its exceptional resistance to drought. It is from the seeds contained in its fruits that we obtain the vegetable oil, very rich in proteins and fatty acids. Endowed with a great emollient power, the African pregnant women apply it on the belly and the breasts to allow their skin to keep its elasticity.
This active ingredient is present in: theLuxurious Soothing Oiland the Refreshing Milk Firming.



This product is a natural oil, which is extracted and purified from Camellia seeds (Camellia Oleifera Abel). It contains more than 80% oleic acid; therefore, this oil is a plant-based oil with very high oxidative stability. Camellia grows on evergreen trees and blooms from October to January.
Softens and nourishes the skin. Rich in minerals and vegetable squalene (small precision), this oil helps regenerate the epidermis and makes the skin more supple. Elastic and more resistant, the skin does not have to suffer from external aggressions: drying and dehydration. In addition to its dermatological qualities softening, nourishing, and regenerating, the oil of camellia brings a feeling of comfort, a touch softness, and a very fast penetration.
This active ingredient is present in the Care and Bath Oil DERMABébé.



Chlorella is a green micro-alga that forms in fresh water (lakes, ponds and marshes) and gets its name from its very high concentration of chlorophyll compared to other micro-algae. It is also called "green jewel" or "green magician". Since the 1960s, Asians have been cultivating chlorella for its therapeutic and food properties. Indeed, this seaweed is very rich in proteins and is widely consumed in Japan where it is declared "food of national interest". It is also used in cosmetic formulation.
It is composed of 60% of vegetable proteins, enzymes, vitamins (A, B, C and E), unsaturated essential fatty acids, minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sulfur, manganese), chlorella is also one of the richest plants in chlorophyll (high concentration of 2% to 3%).
This active ingredient is present in the 1st care stretch mark cream.



Native to Central America, Jojoba belongs to the Buxaceae family (herbaceous, evergreen plants). Its oil contains ceramides and vitamin E (antioxidant and anti-free radical).
Its benefits have been known for a long time. In addition to its moisturizing properties, it improves the elasticity of the skin and gives shine and softness to the hair.
This active ingredient is present in the 1st care stretch mark cream and the Luxurious Soothing Oil.


SHEA (Butter)

Shea butter is an edible substance extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, which grows in the savannahs of West Africa and whose name means "life" in the Mandingo language. Shea butter is consumed in a traditional cooking or used in the chocolate industry as a substitute for cocoa butter. It has a protective action against skin dryness and a moisturizing effect on the skin and hair.
This active ingredient is present in the 1st care stretch mark cream and SOS Stretch Mark Balm, the Emollient Cream DERMABébé.



Kendi oil comes from a tree that has always been used by the Pacific inhabitants: Aleurites moluccana. Its originality is to present a composition exceptionally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and unique touch, both very soft and non-greasy. Particularly adapted for massages, Kendi oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry, dilapidated damaged skin.
This active ingredient is present in the Luxurious Soothing Oil



 The Lotus flower has a sacred dimension that makes it more mystical and symbolic than others. This beautiful aquatic plant, found in swamps and lakes, looks like a water lily. However, it does not float and is the only one to rise above the water, which makes it unique. Calming and soothing and it's a powerful anti-oxidant.
This active ingredient is present in the Cleaning Gel DERMABébé.



More commonly known as "Malva sylvestris". Mallow was used during Ancient Rome (notably by the writers Pliny and Cicero), the Middle Ages and the Renaissance for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

This active ingredient is present in the Cleaning Gel DERMABébé and the Emollient Cream DERMABébé.



It’s called as "Skin Tree" in Nahuat, this mimosa grows only in the southeast of Mexico, in the state of Chiapas. This is how the properties known to the ancients were revealed to all. The extract of Mimosa Tenuiflora bark has become an essential active ingredient. Mimosa tenuiflora bark powder protects the epidermis from the destructive action of free radicals, increases cell renewal, and has the most spectacular regenerative and repairing properties of the epidermis, without known equivalent.
This active ingredient is present in the SOS Stretch Mark Balm.



Originally from Europe, but mainly cultivated in Chile and Argentina, the muscat rose offers an oil that is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids, betacarotene and vitamin C. Made up of linoleic and linolenic acid, it helps maintain skin barrier.
This active ingredient is present in the Luxurious Soothing Oil and the Refreshing Milk Firming



The black elder is a shrub present in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. This plant is very popular since antiquity, it is very aromatic and edible: the flower buds can decorate salads. The black elder flower contains 3% flavonoids, which stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin to promote its hydration and regeneration. They were once used to fade freckles!

This active ingredient is present in the 1st care stretch mark cream.



Sunflower is a plant native to North America, but it has also been cultivated in Europe, particularly in France, for a very long time. Its oil is rich in oleic acid which gives it a repairing power. It also contains tocopherol, which has vitamin E activity. It is therefore an important source of vitamin E, the most powerful extra-cellular antioxidant agent. Appreciated in cosmetics for its rapid penetration into the skin without leaving a greasy film, it is used for its softening, anti-dehydrating and nourishing properties.
This active ingredient is present in the 1st care stretch mark cream , the Luxurious Soothing Oil , the Care and Bath Oil DERMABébé , the Emollient Cream DERMABébé .



A semi-aquatic plant common throughout Europe, water clover has a strong anti-oxidant effect, neutralizing free radicals, protecting vitamin C from oxidative stress, reinforcing collagen synthesis and restoring firmness and tone to the skin.
This active ingredient is present in the Refreshing Milk Firming



Native to Europe and North America, goldenrod is a plant with many medicinal properties. In cosmetics, it is used to improve the tone and firmness of the skin because it helps increase the contraction of collagen.
This active ingredient is present in the Refreshing Milk Firming.



Originated in France and 100% vegetable, Viamerine moisturizes and repairs the skin deeply. Viamerine is a vegetable substitute of lanolin derived from sheep's wool. Lanolin, a fat-rich in vitamin D. It has the capacity to protect the skin thanks to its repairing, hydrating, and soothing properties. Its greasy substance deposits a protective film on the skin of the baby, and then protects it from external aggressions.
This active ingredient is present in the Care and Bath Oil DERMABébé.

WARNING: These properties and indications are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. They are regularly found there and for many confirmed by observations in the scientific environment. However, this information is given for information purposes only, it does not constitute medical information, nor does it engage our responsibility.