Our philosophy

Our philosophy about pregnancy

At Téane, we see pregnancy as an exceptional and altogether natural stage in the life of a woman.

Often, we become more mindful: we pay more attention to ourselves and to others and we become aware of how important it is to live in harmony with our environment.

It is a generally a time when our priorities as consumers change: we look out for more vital, simpler and above all more natural things for our own and our baby’s well-being.

But we don’t forget our beauty for all that – for pregnancy is above all synonymous with femininity! We want to feel beautiful over the 9 months – but also see our body firm back up and our skin glow again after giving birth. Body care becomes a daily ritual and we are willing to try anything to prevent the appearance of ungainly marks during pregnancy and to preserve our beauty.

To meet this twofold demand for natural, effective beauty products, Laboratoires Téane have created 100% maman: the first organic body care range* to be exclusively devoted to pregnant women – with proven results.

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* on sale in pharmacies

Our philosophy about organic products

For Agnès Ducrocq, founder of Laboratoires Téane, organic products should not represent a binding, austere course of action. Rather, they are an essential change in the way we consume things to protect our health and live in harmony with our environment.

She seeks to strike the right balance in her life between staying natural and keeping up with the times – for she believes that we shouldn’t have to choose between the two. She lives in the city, cooks with organic products, is pressed for time, teaches her two young children how to be environmentally friendly – but never leaves the house without makeup or high heels.

By creating Téane, Agnès wanted an innovative, feminine brand for women who share her values: naturality, simplicity and modernity.

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