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 « While the market at that moment only offered partial solutions, forcing future moms to choose between naturalness and effectiveness, I imagined Téane as a brand that meets the new demands and expectations of moms.»

Created by a mom for moms, the Téane brand was born in 2009 around an innovative, safe and effective organic concept and a "no compromise" philosophy that respects skin and health.

« When I develop new products, I always imagine that I can apply them to my children's skin. It imposes a certain requirement in the selection of ingredients that benefits everyone! »

notre histoire
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Value 1: Expertise
Since our foundation which is more than a decade ago, we are particularly focused on the skin problems of future moms and babies. Our expertise is reflected on the quality and effectiveness of our skin care products that developed specifically for the sensitive skins.

Value 2 : Efficiency
We only use natural active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by scientific tests and we have registered our discoveries through patents. Téane Laboratories have registered 2 patents for the specific formula based on a plant discovered in Madagascar: Cassia Alata.

Value 3 : Clean formula
At Téane, we understand the safety requirements of mothers-to-be and young mothers and the fragility of baby's skin. All our products are guaranteed allergen-free, formulated without alcohol and contain neither essential oils nor endocrine disruptors identified to date. Each natural active ingredient in our formulas is recognized by the scientific community for its total safety of use for pregnant women and babies.

Value 4 : Naturality
Our products respect the Cosmebio charter and have been certified by Ecocert: they are guaranteed to be free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils and colorants. Our ingredients come from plantations that respect the earth and the health of those who harvest it.

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Stretch marks

After several years of research, Téane Laboratories have combined a revolutionary natural anti-stretch mark active ingredient extracted from the Cassia Alata plant, for specific care products that respect the needs and health of pregnant and nursing women. Téane products have been clinically tested under dermatological control and have been certified BIO by Ecocert. All of these products have been awarded as the best cosmetics in their category by The Cosmetics Observatory .


DERMABébé is the only certified BIO product range that treats atopy with proven results. It has been designed with an active ingredient patented by the Téane Laboratories. Studies have shown that Cassia Alata extract has a beneficial result on the clinical signs of atopy, reducing inflammation and restoring better comfort. This extract also acts on the restoration of the cutaneous barrier and thus makes it possible to prevent the appearance of new pushes.

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Our Patented
active ingredient

Téane was created in 2009, by a young woman with a passion for cosmetics after her discovery of an exceptional Malagasy plant that used by generations of Malagasy pregnant women. When she returned to France, she embarked on several years of research and scientific testing on this plant. It took three years to unravel the mysteries of this magical plant and to register her first patent in 2010 for the use of this plant extract to prevent and treat stretch marks. In the same time, as many years to demonstrate its effectiveness on eczematic skin and have registered its second patent in 2015.

This patented active ingredient is presented in the 1st Stretch Mark Treatment Cream and the SOS Stretch Mark Balm in the 100% Mom range, as well as in the emollient cream in the DermaBébé range.

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All our products are manufactured in France on a production facility that has received the Gold Medal for CSR Performance awarded by Eco Vadis.