The gardens of Téane

Laboratoires Téane have their own plantations of Cassia Alata, a traditional medicinal plant from Madagascar that is used in the patented active ingredient for preventing stretch marks from the 100% maman range.

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By controlling the cultivation of our plants, we guarantee the purity of the raw material we incorporate in our products and therefore a finished product of exceptional quality. Because there are no middlemen, we are able to offer you a high-quality organic product at the fairest price.

Organic plantations on unique sites in the world

All of our plantations are certified organic, which means they are cultivated without using any chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

The Téane gardens are situated on two sites at medium altitude on the East coast of Madagascar, where the humid tropical climate is ideal for their cultivation. The Vohibola site, located on the Canal des Pangalanes, is one of the most beautiful coastal forests in Madagascar. The Vohimana site, meanwhile, harbours an exceptionally rich biodiversity: all sorts of amphibians, lemurs, chameleons, very rare species of bird, a wide array of medicinal plants and superb orchids not found anywhere else in the world.