The whole truth about stretch mark treatments

Are organic cosmetics just as effective as mainstream cosmetics?

Yes, provided that… Since the excitement first set in for natural cosmetics in 2005, research has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of active natural ingredients. Subjected to efficacy tests in laboratories and clinical tests, these ingredients are now every bit as effective as synthetic molecules – and are better for your health. To be certain that an organic natural treatment is truly effective, make sure you choose brands that take this rigorous scientific approach and demand proven results!

Should stretch mark treatment be applied right from the beginning of pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely! The skin damage process, precursory to the appearance of stretch marks, kicks off right from the beginning of pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes. This means that even though you might not be able to see anything on your skin, or haven’t gained much weight yet, it’s never too early to act. Optimise your chances of avoiding these ungainly marks by applying a specific preventive treatment right from day one.

Isn’t moisturising cream just as effective as stretch mark treatment?

No it isn’t… Even if it’s very important to moisturise your skin when you are pregnant, this isn’t enough to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are not caused solely by loss of elasticity because of very dry skin – the mechanism is much more complex than that. It ticks away at the deepest layer of the skin matrix and it is therefore vital to use a specific treatment that acts on these cells whilst providing you with the comfort of a moisturising cream.

Is it important for this treatment to be specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Yes, absolutely! During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is important to use treatments that have been specially formulated for you. Some essential oils should not be used – nor should any products containing alcohol - and fragrances contained in cosmetic creams must be safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Your skin is more fragile, so make sure you choose hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products. If in doubt, get in touch with the brand itself…

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